Sep 15

Gold News You Should Hear

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The economy is in trouble and there can be little debate about that.  The differences in opinion lay in whether is it getting better or worse.  Those in office will tell you it is about to get better while those trying to get into office will tell you it is only going to get worse.  Even the FED is worried about deflation in the economy.  The gold news, however, is good and this has many people starting to look to gold as an investment vehicle.  They are getting shocked to lean how secure gold is and many are wondering why they did not invest in gold sooner.  The more gold news you read the more you see what gold really has to offer you.  If you want your future to be secure gold is your answer.

There is one thing you really need to know about gold news.  That is that it is rarely about gold at all.  Because it is so secure gold does not have all those dreaded news reports about losing value or of its growing instability.  Most of what you will learn in the gold news if just how unsafe paper money is becoming and how insecure your current investments are if they are not in gold.  Gold has been a consistent investment and medium of exchange for thousands of years and there is no reason to think that that will change.

You can invest in oil or crop futures if you want.  Those, however, and be extremely volatile as unexpected wars break out or bad weather strikes.  Yes, you might get lucky and hit the market timing right and do very well but you are just as likely to hit it wrong and lose.  Gold does not have this problem.

There is always gold news from the banking industry.  It is shocking how unstable they really are till you realize that they are but on a foundation that is totally made from paper money rather than gold.  Had the bankers been thinking and the banks to be secure gold would be at their core.

When it comes to gold news all the signs point in the same direction.  Gold is the stable investment in an unstable world.  Nobody can afford to be stuck with handfuls of devalues paper money.

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