Oct 7

Making Changes to the Diet

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During a recent, routine medical checkup, my doctor advised me to reduce my intake of salt. I was surprised, to say the least. If you asked any of them, my friends would tell you that I am one of those people who rarely adds any sodium salts to her food. Unfortunately, a close and honest examination of my eating habits found that I tend to eat food that is already packed with the stuff!

Well, I guess that is why they say anything you enjoy is almost always bad for you, and I only have myself to blame for cultivating a junk food habit. I do enjoy exercising though, but I digress. In any case, I have been looking in to ways to do as my doctor ordered without sacrificing too many of my favorite foods. A friend suggested that I follow a sea salt diet, which does not actually suit my purposes. On the other hand, I would not discount the suggestion if I needed a quick and easy way to lose weight fast. It sounds like it needs some serious discipline though, and I cannot imagine imbibing sea salt and lemon juice for a 10-day stretch!

In any case, I will reduce the amount of processed foods I eat, and sea salt sounds as good a substitute as any for regular table salt. In fact, the idea of sea salt so intrigues me now that I will make my own sea salt mineral bath scrubs as well. There is nothing like a little do-it-yourself homemade treat!

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